5.1 System Layout Sketch

On the site map of the nursery or greenhouse operation, you should locate the water source and sketch the main irrigation distribution lines to the growing areas to aid in the evaluation of the irrigation system.

For each operation the practical details to be shown may vary. Document the type of irrigation used and compile information on operating pressure, nozzle discharge rates, number of sprinklers or emitters, and irrigation scheduling practices in the various management areas of the growing operation.

Total irrigation water application onto a management area (unit) will be needed later; sprinkler output can be used to determine that total water application, but there are other methods which can also be used. Labeling growing areas on the site map will be a benefit in associating management units to types and locations of irrigation systems.

Knowledge of the presence of irrigation control devices and an inventory of them may be helpful for the evaluation.

  • Note the presence or absence of water meters, pressure regulators, electronic control devices such as controllers and solenoid valves, and pressure gauges. These help to determine the irrigation management techniques used by the grower.